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About Plate Compactor in Kenya

We are a Kenyan owned and operated company started many years back to import and distribute plate compactors and other related construction machinery and equipment. With a wide distribution all over the country to companies and individuals, our products including plate compactors are sourced directly and sold directly to you the end user. We do not use any third parties so we can avail the highest quality machines to you at the most affordable prices.

We are always on the lookout, refining our inventory so that it includes only the best quality and advanced products that meet your needs. We also stock products with different capabilities to meet different budget points for our clients.

Plate Compactor Prices

Hisaki T80 - 80kgs, 13kn centrifugal force, 5.5hp (with Honda GX160) - Ksh 90,000
 Hisaki T120 - 120kgs, 30kn centrifugal force, 5.5hp (with Honda GX160) - Ksh 115,000
 Spartan SPC-90F- 92kgs, 17kn centrifugal force, 5.5hp (with Spartan G200F Engine) - Ksh 88,000

Vibratory Rollers

Hisaki T600 Pedestrian Vibratory Roller Single-drum 5.5hp - 360kgs [1.2 tonne compaction force] (with Honda GX160) - Out of stock

Spartan DDR 60 Pedestrian Vibratory Roller Double-drum - 600kgs [2 tonne compaction force] (with Spartan Diesel Engine) - Ksh 645,000

Power Trowel/Float

Hisaki Power Trowel [With Honda GX160 Engine] 110kg, 1 Metre working diameter - Ksh 115,000

Price Ksh 85,000

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Choosing The Best

Plate Compactor Price in Kenya

The integrity of pavements, walkways and car parking lots depends on how well you prepare the ground before laying the materials out regardless of whether you are laying out Cabros or tarmac. Compacting the ground is important because it ensures that you get a solid foundation to lay the tarmac or Cabro paving. Plate compactors available in the market today come with different capabilities which also affect the plate compactor price in Kenya.

The choice you make between the different plate compactors you might find in the market depends highly on the needs you have for your plate compactor. Although the options are not as many as with other equipment, it is essential that you know which plate compactor is right for your needs. A plate compactor is an expensive investment and therefore getting it right the first time is crucial.

Usually, plate compactors are used for light sub-compacting but there are also high performance, heavy duty plate compactors used in big projects where the big compactors are unable to reach.

Types of plate compactors for sale in Kenya

Plate compactors can be categorized into three;

Single plate compactors – these are compactors that only move in one direction – forward. These are the most common plate compactors used in many small projects.

Reversible plate compactors – these compactors can move forward and in reverse. There are also some that move in hover mode.

Heavy duty compactors – these are usually reversible plate compactors able to move forward and in reverse. However, unlike the other plate compactors these ones are used for sub-base and deeper compaction. Usually these are used as a substitute where the big compactors are unable to reach or for small projects where deeper level of compaction is required.

Factors to lookout for when choosing a plate compactor

One of the factors many people have in mind when choosing a plate compactor is the plate compactor price in Kenya. However, this should not be the only factor to consider. When you know the needs you have for your compactor then you can look at crucial features of the compactor that will determine whether it will meet your needs or not. When you know your needs then you can settle on the right machine, without overpaying for power and capabilities that you do not need in the long run. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a plate compactor

Engine capacity– the engine capacity is a good indication of the expected performance of the plate compactor. A high engine capacity, usually indicated using cc gives you an indication of expected performance. For instance, 80 cc engine is expected to perform better than a 40cc engine but with a bit more fuel consumption to manage the higher power.

Compaction force – the compaction force that the compactor can attain is indicated in pounds. The higher the force, the easier it is to compact and the deeper the compaction can go. Heavy duty plate compactors will have a higher force of compaction than the lighter ones.

Power rating – The engine power rating is another measure of the expected performance of the plate compactor. The power rating is given in horsepower, HP. Expect to see ratings of anywhere from 2.5HP to about 7HP for the plate compactors. The higher the power rating is, the more compaction force you expect the compactor to deliver.

Ergonomics – a plate compactor vibrates when in use as it pounds on the ground. These vibrations can be transferred to the user and cause a lot of fatigue if the manufacturer doesn't put in any ergonomics features to keep you protected. A good plate compactor should offer ergonomic features to reduce vibrations. Check also that the handle offers you good leverage. There are some models with swivel handles that allow for improve maneuverability.

Quality plate compactors for sale in Kenya

If you are looking to invest in a quality plate compactor that is right for the job then you are in safe hands with our company. We are prominent suppliers of plate compactors in Kenya and have been in operation for a long time. We only stock the superior quality brands that will offer you ultimate performance and meet your needs with ease. What's more, as direct suppliers of plate compactors we are able to avail to you this quality at the best plate compactor price in Kenya. Give us a try today.