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Drum Roller for Sale Kenya

Drum Roller for Sale Kenya

Are you in the market for a drum roller? When looking for a drum roller for sale Kenya, you might have come across many variants. Some are big others are small while some have smooth drums and others do not. It all depends on the level of compaction that you want to achieve and the kind of terrain that you will be using the drum roller in.

Drum rollers are basically used for large construction projects where deep compaction is required like during road construction. However, for areas where the big machine is unable to reach, there are smaller pedestrian rollers but with high performance that can be used instead.

Type of drum rollers for sale in Kenya

Drum rollers for sale in Kenya are available for sale as either single or double drum rollers. The single drum rollers have only one drum at the front with two specialized tires at the back. The tires are large and able to move with ease on rough terrain. They give the roller good traction making a single roller ideal for use in terrains where a double roller cannot work. A double roller on the other hand has no tires but two drum rollers in between the cab where the driver sits. The engine of the roller turns the drum instead of the tires as in the single drum rollers.

Drum rollers may also be categorized as either padfoot or smooth drum rollers. The smooth drum roller use impact and vibration to compact the materials and rely heavily on the weight of the drum. The padfoot roller is different in that the drum has tapered pads that penetrate the surface to compact deeply into the soil.

Buying a drum roller is a really huge investment, and one that you want to get right in the first instance. It is also important that you have a reliable supplier that will walk the journey with you and give you unbiased advice on how you can get the best drum roller for your needs. This is where we come in.

Your supplier of choice

You could be wondering how are we different from the rest? We have been in the business for a long time and we understand drum rollers and other construction machinery very well. We are therefore very well positioned to offer you unparalleled advice and expert knowledge that you need to make a decision and choice you will not regret.

We are direct suppliers of drum rollers, sourcing them directly from the manufacturers and bringing them to you so we are able to offer the best prices possible. As such we are always available to walk this journey with you for many years to come. Years after when you need spares or repairs for your drum roller, we will be here to help you source for the spares you need or get qualified technicians to give you the best repairs.

We value you and want to walk the journey of this investment with you. Contact us today for more information.