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Tamping Rammer Price in Kenya

Tamping Rammer Price in Kenya

Hisaki HCD80 Rammer with Honda 5.5HP Engine - Ksh 150,000/=

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A tamping rammer is an important piece of equipment for compacting especially at a construction site. It is a simple machine to use and understand but not so easy to purchase. This is because due to its simplicity many people often overlook the most important things they should consider when purchasing a tamping rammer. The only thing that many people do not fail to have in mind is the tamping rammer price in Kenya.

Although it is important to have a budget and know the tamping rammer price in Kenya, there are also other important things you should have in mind before you buy. The first most important thing to have in mind is portability. To use the tamping rammer, you have to move it. This is a really heavy piece of equipment that you might not be able to carry around so easily. Even getting it from the car to the work site can be a problem. Now imagine having to drag it through dirt or mud and other unfavorable outdoor conditions? It is therefore important that the tamping rammer you choose be able to connect to a travel dolly or have wheels that make it portable.

Another really important feature to have in mind is height adjustment. Nothing can be as stressful as bending over your entire work session just to use the tamping rammer especially considering that it is a heavy machine with a lot of vibrations. The best tamping rammers allow for height adjustments of the handles to suit the user. Compacting can be a really hard job if you are not working with a tool that feels like it was designed for you.

Also, ensure you check the usual factors like the power output of the tamping rammer, the performance, the build and the engine capacity among others. Before you can really know which tamping rammer is good for you it means that you must know the needs you have for it. This depends highly on the working conditions you are exposed to on a daily basis.

The tamping rammer price in Kenya ranges depending on these features and between different brands. Quality brands cost a bit more than others that are not very good quality. Also, tamping rammers that are just too basic will not cost as much as those that have many exceptional features to enhance usability and performance.

If you are in the market for a quality tamping rammer then you should consider using our services. We are specialists in tamping rammers and other related machinery in the country. We have supplied quality tools to many businesses and individuals before. We stock products that have been time tested and proven to provide quality and value for money. What’s more, since we are direct suppliers of these brands, we are able to bring to you exceptional quality at the best tamping rammer price in Kenya. Our full-time technicians are always here waiting to guide you on which machine best suits your needs and budget. Give us a try today.