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Pedestrian Roller for Sale in Kenya

Pedestrian Roller for Sale in Kenya

Pedestrian rollers are a common sight in the country at road repair and construction sites. They are the small walk behind rollers pushed by technicians to compact parts of the ground or layers of the tarmac as it is being laid down. Rollers are essential at ensuring that the ground is compacted enough to provide a solid foundation for roads, parking lots, and driveways for laying of cabro paving, tarmac or asphalt.

If you are in the market for pedestrian roller for sale in Kenya, a simple search online and you might have realized that choosing the ideal roller for your needs will not be as easy as you thought. There are many rollers to choose from plus too many different aspects to consider. So which roller is right for your needs?

Pedestrian Roller Prices

Spartan DDR 60 Pedestrian Vibratory Roller Double-drum - 520kg (with Spartan Diesel Engine) - Ksh 645,000

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Types of pedestrian rollers for sale in Kenya

There are different types of rollers that you can find for sale in Kenya. They can be categorized depending on different factors. First is the mode of operation. In the mode of operation, you can categorize rollers as either oscillatory or vibratory depending on how they work. The oscillatory rollers are gentle but highly effective at compaction. They do not use a lot of force but they deliver both vertical and horizontal force to manipulate the aggregates into place. The other category here are the vibratory compactors. These use vibrating force and therefore achieve high compaction levels.

The other way to categorize pedestrian rollers is as single drum or double drum rollers. Double drum rollers have two rollers while single drum, as the name suggests have just one drum. The choice here really depends on your needs. With a double drum pedestrian roller you are able to compact more because you achieve double compaction in one pass as compared to a single drum. With a single drum you might have to pass over the area severally.

Choosing the right roller for your needs

After you have determined the type of roller you need, then which features will be looking for? The different pedestrian rollers for sale in Kenya have different capabilities to suit differing needs. Check for the engine capacity and engine power to know the expected performance from the roller.

You need to have in mind the type of soil you will be compacting and the size of the project. For huge projects go with a roller that has a wheel so that it can easily move forward and in reverse too for quick passes. The type of soil you are compacting determines factors like speed that you will move the roller at. For gravel and sand you can go at a higher speed but for clay and rocks you should move at a slower speed. The roller should therefore allow for speed adjustment.

We can help

If you are looking for pedestrian rollers for sale in Kenya then we can help. We have a wide variety of rollers to suit different needs and budget. Plus, we offer our clients sound advice and expert knowledge on rollers gained over the many years we have been in business. Scroll our site to learn more and contact us for more information.